<10> Traditional type Fast-ferry

Minoan Lines

On the other hand, a competition partner's MINOAN LINE is the full length of 200m, and 26.4-knot
"H/S Pasiphae" after 1998 introduction.

H/S Ikarusand H/S Aretousa were run also on Patras-Ancona and the Igoumenitsa-Ancona route.

And next fast new ship between Piraeus-Heraklions H/S Knossos Palace &H/S Festos Palace

It will be faster (32 knots)& bigger (212mx25m)in the Patras-Venice route further by spring of 2001.
New ships to be named H / S Prometheus On an Igoumenitsa-Venice route H/S Oceanus

By the end of next year full-scale competition will be started in the region

Minoan Fleets at Patras