Valuable information

(Northern Europe)

What is a point.

Whatever it may call it, a high-speed ferry early most in the world
Since it is the area which started running, there are many routes.

Although seldom known
We could recommend a route between Metropolitan Tallinn of Estonia and Helsinki of Finland .

Time required
Ferry operator

1hour and
40 minutes
Nordic Jet Line
Goteborg/Frederikshavn 1hour and 40minutes Sea Cat AB
Ronne/Ystad 2000 service Bornholms Trafikkens
The Sweden mainland / Gotland
Visby/Nynashamn 2 hours and 30 minutes Rederi AB Gotland
Denmark domestic lines
Arhus/Odden 1 hour Mols-Linien
Arhus/Ebeltoft 45 minutes Mols-Linien
Hirtshals/Kristiansand Color line

It pats.

That is, it is on this route in spring of 1998.
A Nordic jet line company started to run a high-speed ferry in the Helsinki-Tallin route and
It finds having succeeded and a Silja line is applied from this spring.
It is because a scramble of a visitor starts.

True !

By ferry which runs, a tax-free shop between EU-countries last year
Although all were abolished
To a delightful thing A
This merit can still receive this route by calling it Estonia.

That is, it goes and returns in one day from Helsinki. Tax-free shopping is also OKed. .

It is dear !

The scheduled ship of a Silja line is called Super Seacat.
The picture of the cat with sufficient hull front part glue is drawn.
This is really real and is dear!!

To the wise traveler - one spot advice!! -

For example, it is the Silja line and or the Viking line from Stockholm to Helsinki. by the large-sized conventional type ferry It arrives in the morning. So it is also an good idea to go to the Estonia day's trip sight-seeing first to use efficient time and to buy Tax Free goods..

Since the Helsinki harbor of a change is convenient and moreover adjoins the town
if there is slight time to check in a hotel ( arrival time is too early in a morning )and having a big luggage,we recommend to go to the locker at Helsinki Station anyway-- being vacant guranteed

it is also such a plan further !

If you would not like to pay for logging in Helsinki or Stockholm and Air fare, makes the direction of a harbor last the city tour on arrival day and spend the night time onboard the large-sized ferry of the Silja line or a Viking line.

If selecting the Ferry route,you could spend the time for swiming ,dancing ,gambling and a sauna onboard as well as beautiful dinner.