Valuable information

England strait ( Strait of Dover)

The feature of this route

The first large-sized high-speed ferry"HoverspeedGreatBritain" is 1990 in the world.
Having gone into commission, after repainting speed record of Atlantic Ocean crossing to
for the first time in 48 years.

It is still the shortest sea route between France and U.K. and biggest umber of users
after Eurotunnel opening of traffic on this route, and is the greatest route.


Although many use Eurostar when coming to Britain from France
Although nothing is seen in that in an undersea tunnel If the ship of this route is taken
beautiful White cliff of that Dover can watch distinctly from the ferry.

And it is if it has come out frequently and there is no car. Reservation needlessness A
If you eat a Fish and chips and drink an English Tea onboard.
It is the feeling guarantee to which the England feeling also rose and has already been gained.

Britain/France Time required Ship company
Dover/Calais Hoverr 35 minutes
Seacat 55 minutes
Hover Speed
Folkestone/Boulogne Seacat 55 minutes Hover Speed
Newhaven/Dieppe 2 hours Hover Speed
Portsmouth/Cherbourg 2 hours and 45 minutes P&O European Ferry
Dover/Oostende 2 hours Hover Speed
Harwich/Hoek of Holland 3 hours and 40 minutes Stena Line

But France does not go! To the direction about which it is sad the travel of only London

Don't be worries. you can enjoy a day's trip travel even if staying only in London.
For example, it goes to that Dover via Canterbury etc. from the Victoria bus terminal.
If you buy a "On Foot Passenger" ticket, 1 hour after, it is already France.
It arrives from Portsmouth also in Ostend in Belgium in 2 hours.

Furthermore, information!!

If you carry out and it returns immediately, I will tell the purport at a ticket counter.
The ticket of such cheap price should be prepared that it is surprised!

More information and the more avaricious one !.

If I am staying in London for a while, the London tour using the high-speed ferry
Since it is in large numbers, this is checked!
Amsterdam and Paris are also profit at the price of a first-class hotel price lump.
If it sees except the travel agency of the Victoria station circumference

London To the direction of a repeater

If it is a direct flight from Japan, although arrival is the evening, when it is the Southeast Asia course,
this will become early morning of the next day.

In this case, a big luggage is kept in the Victoria station and a plan also finishes
an above-mentioned day's trip travel previously.

Always the ability to use [ although it will be troubled by the method of killing time
if it is too much early morning, if it is this ] time effectively
if it is in the case of a ship even if it is tired and is sleepy you are OK on a chair calmly
and good in comfort, since it does not go in addition to the destination -- also good