Valuable information

( Ireland )

The point of a sea travel

Although Guinnesss beer and an Ilish dance are famous Now, It is the hidden Internet zone where the company of computer software development is born rapidly here.

New fast ferry operation

Stena line It adds to that HSS1500 of a line, and is from June of the last year.The Irish ferry runs a new ship, competition also becomes intense, and it is the improvement in service.

Ireland / England mainland Time required Ship company
Dublin / Holy head 1hour and 50 minutes
1hour and 40 minutes
Irish Ferry
Stena Line
Dublin / Liverpool 3 hours and 45 minutes Isle of Man Steam Packet
Rosslare/Fishguard 1hour 40 minutes Stena Line
Ireland/Isle of Man
Dublin/Douglas 2 hours and 50 minutes Isle of Man Steam Packet
The England mainland / Isle of Man
Douglas/Liverpool 2 hours and 30 minutes Sea Container
The England mainland / Northern Ireland
Stranraer/ Belfast 1hour and 30 minutes
1hour and 25 minutes
Sea Cat Scotland
Stena Line
Cairnyan/Larne 1 hour P&O Irish Ferries
Belfast/Douglas 2hours and 44minutes Isle of Man Steam Packet

Diligent knowledge

although the ship's name of IRISH FERRY calls it Dublin Swift which was named in honour of
Jonathan Swift who was you were recollections carried out?

It is the author of the very famous Gulliver's travels and you will have the opportunity to view a rare
original copy of Gulliver's travels and folllow the full story of the Irish Author's life along the mural
on the upper deck if on upper deck of the ship.

Skillful directions

Now, several Fast Ferry of only this between the England mainland and Ireland anyhow
Since it is running, the usage is also various!

if it is ancient times ,never recommend to train the route to Dublin via Holy head from London .
Those who hurry are by Fast Ferry, after carrying out at a stretch to Beatles's town Liverpool.
Migrating to Dublin or the Isle of Man also came be completed by having a margin.

1 aggressiveness route!

One point

It is Air Lingus, if it goes to Ireland, although seldom known by the Japanese traveler.
Convenient, when you keep in mind an air line like JAL in Japan .

That is, it is from Zurich of famous Switzerland Airline's home base. with a recently
valuable discount ticket if it flies to Ireland anyhow when going into Ireland,
whatever it may call it, it is convenient, and price is also profit.