Valuable information

( Italy)

The point of a sea travel in Italy

They are many fast ferry routes to the Capri island, the Ischia island, Isola di Sicilia,
a sardinia island, etc.mainly from the Naples center and also from
the civittavecchia
of nearest port from the Rome to Sardinia Island and etc.

Although the high-speed ferry is put into service by the group compnay calles it TIRRENIA CAREMAR, TOREMAR, and SIREMAR.

Then, the feature.

Probably, the expensive high-speed ferry is sumptuously used like a girl brought up very carefully only here from the point of annual total working hours run !
Since time at anchor will be long and a winter season will stop operation etc....

Although the design itself is a good ship, it is not tourist serious consideration.
It is felt bad altogether, such as a schedule, a charge, and a cabin plan and etc.

There is four biggest 145m class mono hull ferry which the name of a constellation attached now, and they can carry 1800 passengers plus 480 passenger cars with a maximum of 43 knots (about 80km/h)of speed and other 101m class ferries.

Fare difference.

The fare rate of the residents of an island also occurs.
for example, -- Case of the Naples-Palermo (Sicily) route
The ticket price for residents is set up at a low price 10% to 20%.


It is a fruit although slander is said.
Italy joined the Euro land.
The financial assistance to a shipping company is stopped soon.

A monopoly state is also canceled now and it is expected that service also improves.
Please wait for a valuable plan till then.

The plan of recommendation

A Sicilia jet (SNAV) started the service from Naples to Palermo in Isola di Sicilia this year
by using Incat Wave Piercer type fast ferry and fare and time table is as follows;

Fare One one-way adult passenger 96,000 lire (about 6,400 yen)
Departure time From Naples is 17:30.; From Palermo is 09:00 of a morning.
Operation term It is seasonal operation of until Nov.3.

The ship is 86m class ,can carry 800 passengers and 200 passenger cars at 75km/h.

! One spot advice on this route!

Since it will take no less than 9 hours if it goes by train, when going from Naples
Although it usually moves by airplane, since time can also go as the half of a train
We recommend effective use of the time and carrying out sight-seeing of Naples,
it is by this comfortable high-speed ship to the evening.

! To the wise traveler !

To the traveler who wants to travel to inconvenient Sicily it's recommended to
fly from Rome or Naples normally. It's only 1hour flight
as shotest way to the place but very expensive.

So,we can recommend to use this fast ferry from Naple to.Palermo
arrival time is 09:00 next morning
and you can experience the beautiful Mediterranean cruise
with smaller payment
It is the best when it crosses to Naples with pleasure!

In the direction referred to as too cheaper although it is also time ...
120,000 lire (about 8,000 yen)
A return ticket is recommended if you have a time. .

Cautions in !! Italy!!

Although it is careful not to steal a load etc. of course
Since a bad place has access which rides on a ferry in fact by some harbor enough
It has a time margin. There is necessity.
For example, civittavecchia port located Roma suburbs
There is no direct bus service from the Leonardo da vinci international airport etc.
There is no method besides once going to the Rome Termini station and changing there.

Although it is about 80km from Rome, if it is a local train from the station
You must consider about 2 hours and half

To the ship from civittavecchia station.

We recommend to go to the harbour by Taxi if you have a luggage
although it's likely near up to the ferry .
If you walk, you experience a difficulty to walk smoothly due to a bad road condition
and feel distance very long especially if it's rainy or windy day