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Attention is attracted now. It is the magazine which introduces
the new type sea travel of using Fast Ferry.
In Japan, it is gorgeous and you are invited to the sea travel
which cannot be experienced and which was carried out calmly.
Moreover, we wish to introduce a valuable plan and a latest information
of the Fast Ferry world which is not listed on a guidebook
and or very difficult to get in Japan..
Subscription person limited Fast-ferry novelty goods present
is also planed
(Sorry but it's only for persons living in Japan)


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Although updating frequency is irregular, 1 time per week is planned during a season.

Magazine sample
Greece (edited by)

<> Although it must go to port town Piuraeus of the Athens suburbs when going onboard a ferry in Greece
A subway is easy and very convenient. From Omonia station of central Athens ,it's only 150 drachmasnd as of March, 2000.

But a problem is since it gets down to a terminal Piraeus station.
Although it goes to the harbor which crosses the way in front of a station and the immediately impending ferry attaches
There is a sidewalk but many small stand shops located in a line and the large number of people's crowd and therefore it's not so easy to walk especially if you have a travel luggage.
And in addition to the defect of a pedestrian crossing or a signal, traffic manners are not protected.
In addition to a bus, a track, and a passenger car, even a motorcycle is anyhow mixed in it.
You have to cross the road of uncanny traffic.

Therefore, considerable preparedness is required when pulling the heavy suitcase etc.
In addition,it is also serious that all ferries(additionally also many)are berthed by the stern on style and which recognizes in the ship by which he rides.
And it will be tired out if it is summer when you walk from an end to an end, since it is a large quay.

<> It is midnight to arrive at the Athens International Airport, when [ almost all ] going to Athens by airplane from Japan. the place when it is famous for a thug taxi it's recommended to take a bus service and is only 500 drachmas to the city center in the mid-night.

Although the drunkard was required, the police was also patrolling it and it thought it sure that it 's safe even at midnight in the Omonia area where Y.M.C.A and a Hotel gather better than Italy and France.

Moreover, a taxi runs frequently also at the case of a start early morning, and it is differed from Midnight Airport.
Since there are also no worries of a thug Even the start at AM4:00 and 5:00 is OK.
If you reserve to a front people of the Hotel of course, it will come on time.
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