Q1. From when does the big Fast-Ferry run?

(A) Hoover speed Great Britain which went into commission
to the Strait of Dover in 1990
by using Incat Wave Piercer
having a capacity to carry 600Pax and 80 Passenger Cars
with 70km/h of speed.and. it can still see on this route.

Q2. Fastest ferry in the world.

(A) Patricia Olivia 2 of Buquebus has a 53 knots(98km/h) of fastest
speed record under the full load condtion as on march, 2000.

Q3. Largest Fast Ferry (Speed over 35knots) in the world.

(A) HSS1500 of STENA line is the largest Cat type ship, and it's length.oa
126.6m and 40m of breadth.She can carry
1500 passengers
and 375 passenger cars at 74km/h. of speed.

Q4. What engine is used?

(A) In case of Diesel engine ,MTU (Germany), Caterpillar, Inc. (USA) Ruston (UK)is
a very popular for large size Fast Ferry's prime mover
and GE(USA) and
the Platt & Whitney (Canada.)and Rolls Royce(UK)
Airplane gas turbine engine is also used.
In the case of HSS1500, 100,000H.P of total power gas turbine
is installed and it's the same engine as 747 Jumbo Jet.

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