About the Fast-Ferry in the world

(3) 100m Mono Hull type
Ship's name: Super Seacat

The Seacontainers invests the capital of not less than 200 million dollars in November, 1995.
An order for extensive construction of no less than 6 boats with Fincantieri shipyard in Italy was
placed at once, and it made us very surprise.

That is, it is thought that a catamaran takes the lead in future till then.
The company which is a world's largest Fast-Ferry operator choose the Mono Hull Type
which have been used from ancient times by no means.

Anyway, after completing the first ferry in 1997, delivery still continues.

In order that the feature of this ship may sail at high speed (40 knots : 74km/hour),
pushing away a wave on a Mono Hull

Compared with length (100m), it is a thin hull (for Breadth, Seacat of 17.1m and Stena is 40m).
Compared with the size of appearance, there are a little few 782 passengers
and 175passenger cars numbers which can be carried.

Although it can see only on the present Ireland route or the Denmark-Sweden route
It appears in the English Channel route still more from April 15, 2000. .