About the Fast-Ferry in the world

(4) BHC SRN4 type Hovercraft
Ship's name: Princess Anne and Princess Margaret

A ship is the largest in the world with the hovercraft which plies now although it is different for a while.
390 passengers and 55 passenger cars can be carried and it is the 60 knots (about 110km/h)
of the highest speeds in the world again .

Princess Anne's record carried across the English Channel in only 22 minutes on September 14,
1995 is not broken yet.

By the way, it surely [ this / world's largest / hovercraft ] experiences at once, and how is?
That feeling when getting in anyhow, and after coming floating, a gas turbine takes out a total out put .
If a big propeller starts turning and moving, it will not accumulate any longer.

It is how. ?
since it is still put into service to the Dover (U.K.) calais (France), please experience it for yourself.
Unfortunately, this service will be withdrawn
by End of Oct.2000unfortunately

So,please do not miss and Let's hurry up if you are intersted in it.