About the Fast-Ferry in the world

( 5) 74m Wave piercer type
Ship's name: Hoover speed Great Britain

With the large-sized wave piercing type catamaran built for the first time in the world in 1990
Tasmania where this ship was built
With the Indian Ocean Cape Town course from a shipyard
The time of sailing personally to London and the performance being found is high-speed.
The Fast-Ferry first year came.

450 passengers and 85 passenger cars are carried in that time, and it is 40 knots (74km/hour).
It was not considered in the ship which runs an open .

From Tasmania to UK via New York ( 12,000 sea miles (about22,000km) the ship run only in a 14 days and also she broke the Atlantic Ocean crossing record on 23 June 1990 (Called Hales Trophy for the blue Riband of the Atlantic) held by ms United Utate.
The record was 3 days ,7hours,and 54minutes,at an average speed of 36.6knots.

Since the Strait of Dover was still run in active service, when it surely rides
Please remember the shining career without saying that it is somewhat old etc.