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( Greece)

The point of a Fst-Ferry in Greace

High Speed 1 :It's a only ship called until now large-sized high-speed ferry
though it is the center of the Aegean Sea route
and this 77m class ship was built in 1996 to carry 620 passengers
and 152 passenger cars. with 40 knots of top speed (74km/h).

Year2000 is the first year of Fast Ferry in Greece
A shipowner called a Minoan fling dolphin will start new service in this summer
continue with April and July 2000 by using desired large size three fast ferries named
High speed 2,3,and 4 .

Those New High Speed 2&3 can carry 652 passengers and 70 passenger cars
with a catamaran type with a length oa of 72m.
It is a service schedule on the Cyclades route.

And High Speed 4 is a still large length oa 92m type catamaran.
1050 passengers and 188 passenger cars are carried and it is on a 42 knots
(speed of 77km) speed as well as Highspeed 2 and 3.
It is due to run an ad rear tech route.

!! gorgeous plan!!

High Speed 1 is reconstructed in early 2000
and it is on the Patras-Iggoumenitsa route after that.
Although it is a service schedule
VIP room is established newly. .

Although the modification situation has been seen,
it has an exclusive bar counter etc. and it is in the gorgeous sheet.
Although a fare is high in cheap Greece of prices, if it takes to Japanese people,
it must be a level without what thing!
occasionally how is also rich travel?
VIP room attaches all also to the new ship completed from now on of course.

Aegean Sea high-speed ferry cruise report
Greece communication 2000-6-30